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Tentative Class Schedule for Northern Region War Camp

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Tentative Class Schedule for Northern Region War Camp
9 a.m.
1. SCA 102: Master Liam will teach a general SCA knowledge class that will be both for new folks and "advanced beginners" or anyone else who wants to come.

2. Open.

3. Open.

10 a.m.

1. Picking and Documenting a Medieval Name  
Mistress Ailis

This class is designed for the novice herald or the non-herald.  We
will discuss the SCA's requirements for names, how to identify good
research sources, sources to avoid, common naming patterns, and how to
go about putting together a period name

2. Enameling and cloissone basics.
Lady Frigga

Learn how to make and take home a penny-sized pendant!!  We will be using glass powders, copper wire and a bit o' flame.  Modern methods will be used during the class with discussion on how it would have been done back in the day.  Please wear appropriate clothing and have hair tied back.  ALL AGES are welcome.  If under age ten, adult accompaniment is required.  There is no class fee; however, a small donation of $.50 to $1 will gladly be accepted.

3. An Introduction to Fibers
Lady Finnguala

Everything you do in the SCA involves fiber, from period bowstrings to casting metal to smoking barley over a period sheep-dung fire. Come learn about different kinds of fibers we use in the SCA and what they can do. This will be a hands-on, introductory level class that will cover basics of fiber identification, properties, and care; all levels of interest are welcome!

11 a.m.

1. Introduction to the Submissions and Registration Process
Mistress Ailis

This class will cover the requirements and procedure for submitting
and registering a name and armory through the SCA College of Heralds,
including the paperwork needed, what happens to the paperwork, the
commentary process, and why it takes several months to register items.
2. Bead-making

3. Enameling and cloissone basics (second hour)

1. Kvithuhathar: Skaldic Poetry Made Simple. It's an introduction to writing skaldic poetry using the kvithuhathar form, and a basic lesson on building simple kennings.
Magnus hvalmagi

2. Pewter casting with Mistress Ignatia. (First hour)

3. Bead-making. (Second hour)

4. . SCA 101 walking tour with Master Liam. We'll walk and see things and talk abou tthe SCA. Meet at Gate.

1 p.m.
1. Wire-weaving with Queen Avelina

2. Book-binding (Heather Rose de Gourdon).

3. Pewter Casting (second hour)

4. Heraldic tour of the site with Mistress Ailis (90 minutes). Meet at Gate.
After a brief discussion about period methods of heraldic display, we
will do a walking tour of the site, including a visit to the fighting
and fencing fields, to view how people are display their armory and

2 p.m.

1. Spinning In Period. Mistress Brid

2. Book-binding (second hour)

3. An Introduction to "Period" All-Grain Brewing
Lord Magnus hvalmagi
Discussion of all-grain brewing from a modern perspective, and a redaction of one late-period recipe. We'll do a tasting to compare it to other styles.

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