Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Liam earned yet another quest . . .

OK, now it can be told.

I have not shared all of what happened at War of the Roses, and I am sure my friends will fill it in, but you may remember that earlier this year I made an innocuous comment on "The Book of Face" about trading my prince for a certain princess.

All in good fun, and while TRM Kenric and Avelina are my king and queen, they are old and dear friends and we share the same Pelican/Laurel.

Kenric and Avelina also love court schtick, and this was an opportunity, which included commanding me into the royal presence at Coronation and when I did not come (I had to work), also included taking Baroness Leonete as a ward of the their court.

That spun off into Sharc Pit telling them "You can have her, and we won't take her back unless you give us something we want."

Things spiraled.

I got called into court at War of the Roses.

Their Majesties questioned me, asking if I was "possessed by the devil." I said no. The king then asked me if I was insane.

Note: Yes, my king asked me in open court, "Liam, were you insane at the time?" I assured him I was on my meds. (Actually I said, No, Your Majesty.")

He proceeded to pronounce I was guilty of treason.

My punishment, since I "had lost sight of the true meaning of the crown" was to come to the royal dinner at Pennsic and offered to polish every crown there.

Since I do not know when to shut up (yes, I said it, OK?), I said that I liked Konrad's Beer Quest better. His Majesty was intrigued. (Remember, Prince Edward sent me on a quest to introduce all of Pennsic to each other when he was on the throne.)

I explained that Konrad had instructed me to drink a beer from a brewer from each of the 19 kingdoms.

"So what you are saying, Liam, is that you can get me a beer from every kingdom?"

"Two," sez Her Majesty. "One for each of us."

So I get two quests.

Let me add that the next day, Lady Katherine Ashwode (aka the Pocket Bard) wrote a song about all this which -- with the approval  of the queen of Ansteorra (I haven't shown it to her quite yet)  -- she will herald me into the royal dinner with.

Now you know . . .  the rest of the story.


  1. Actually, their majesties also summoned you in to court at Carolingia Investiture. And it was then they took Baroness Leonete as a ward of the their court.

    But it could only happen to you Master Liam!

  2. Yeah, Liam, I am totally not helping you with this quest. Nuh uh. Not my monkey. That being said, if I find that I am called into EK court at KWHSS, I am blaming you. (Bess, too, but Bess is more likely to be forgiven sooner.)

    -Konstantia, Calontir

  3. Is Sharc Pit anticipating a "Ransom of Red Chief" situation?

  4. Liam, I'll have my Mega Shining Kit with me and, if I have time, will help in your Shining Quest. Failing taht I'll at least lend you the necessary equipment for making things shiny.