Sunday, September 4, 2011

Checking the papers . . .

I’ve been in and around the newspaper business for more than 30 years, and when you add 18 years of the SCA to that, it’s pretty simple to figure out I love to read newspaper articles about the SCA online.

Sometimes, I cringe, but other times, the results are pretty good.

Today I started off with a story from Casper, Wyo., that did a good job encapsulating the hands on part of the SCA -- Casper Journal.

That was on SCA Today, and that led me to a Google news search (Google News and search “Society for Creative Anachronism.).

There was a second pretty solid story, and I dropped the reporter a note. He said he had a lot of help with his planned contacts, and also had others volunteer to help. He said he was impressed folks were out doing this on a humid day -- Battle Creek

That led me to two more that were really impressive. One was from the Denver Post Style section and focused on a seamstress. It treated the whole thing fairly seriously --

Then I hit one that almost made me cry.

A number of papers do a “remembrance” or “appreciation piece on people who have passed away. This paper does one, and this one focused on a Scadian. I am afraid I did not know him, but he sounds like he was cool -- Martin Hasemann

Speaking of people I do know, I was reading about a demo in Keokuk, Iowa, and one of the photos is of my friend, Sir Ix from the Midlands, fencing --  The Hawkeye .

Finally, The New York Times got into the act. The story is part of a series of features about marriages, and I love the way this one begins -- NY Times .

I thought this was a pretty good batch of stories. We’ll always pick little things out, whether it’s SCA-related or grammar, but I enjoyed these.

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  1. Hadn't checked out your blog yet but I follow on LJ and saw you mention the Denver Post article. I am that seamstress. I have to admit as excited as I was the Post decided to do a story on me I had a second OMG moment. "OMG Master Liam mentioned me in his blog!"